BIENAL DE LA HABANA / ENTRE, DENTRO, FUERA [BETWEEN, INSIDE, OUTSIDE] / Pabellón Cuba, Habana Cuba, 05 . 22 . 15 - 06 . 22 . 15

In a three-part concept that focuses on the triad of our primary requirements for shelter -- KITCHEN, BEDROOM and WORKSPACE -- Eat / Sleep / Work: the House, Deconstructed questions the relationships between idealized spatial efficiency and proximity, residential circulation patterns, and our own self-imposed individually and culturally directed boundaries between public and private space. Using the construct of 'City as Home' as a theoretical point of entry, this project examines the wide range of vernacular and highly personalized architectural solutions that humans have developed to provide sanctuary for themselves within a larger system.

The installation was constructed, over the course of a month, almost entirely from materials salvaged from the streets of Havana and Wichita, Kansas, USA.  The artist brought with her a few hand tools, miscellaneous fasteners, dumpster-dived construction waste, and objects she judged would be difficult to find in Cuba (such as a camp stove, sleeping bag, LED light fixtures and electrical boxes);  otherwise, all the components were either sourced or manufactured in Havana.

The foundation system for the storage unit and kitchen is an original design by the artist:  a multi-use structural system inspired by the roots of trees, easily fabricated from common construction materials.  Click here for more information. 

All three rooms were inhabited by the artist during the exhibition, and were available for interaction with the biennial visitors.  This is the second of a series the artist has entitled "Insertions", where she creates viable living environments in programatically obsolete or socially-invisible spaces.

Project logos designed by Lauren Osoba.

All photos by the artist, except those noted as “with Stephanie Syjuco” or “Levente Sulyok”.


A FACEBOOK blog was created and updated during the exhibition. 

All biennial information is available at BIENAL DE LA HABANA

An article in WICHITA MAGAZINE was written about the project.

“The latest in a series of similar installations, Eat / Sleep / Work... is the next formalized interaction with an anthropomorphized brick-and-mortar City that has been transformed into a capricious organism who can be tricked into revealing its secrets. These Insertions are responsive offerings, intended as a conciliatory gesture towards the restoration of equilibrium.”

         - The Girl Who Lived in A Sign

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