INSERTION II / workspace


Habana, Pabellón Cuba / WORKSHOP: salvaged plywood, salvaged plexiglas, electrical boxes, salvaged conduit, conduit hangers, hinges, salvaged cable and extension cords, padlock, U-bolt clamps, turnbuckle, miscellaneous fasteners, construction tools and equipment, found metal ‘E’, vinyl decals, LED lamps / approximately 18’ x 48” x 48” / 2015 / STORAGE UNIT: salvaged plywood, salvaged dimensional lumber and various other types of wood, electrical boxes, conduit hangers, steel rods, salvaged cable and extension cords, miscellaneous fasteners, turnbuckles, salvaged fluorescent troffer diffusers, salvaged fluorescent fixture ballast, salvaged construction materials, anemometer / approximately 22” x 36” x 144” / 2015

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